A player swaps adjacent items in a $n \times m$ grid in order to form as many matches of three as possible.


Bejeweled is a single-player videogame whose game mechanic is based on the idea of swapping adjacent items of a grid in order to for rows or columns of multiple items of the same kind. Candy Crush Saga and other match-three games [1] may be considered generalization of it.

The rules of the game are the following:

Computational complexity

Answering any of the following questions has been proven to be an NP-Complete problem [2]:


A playable version of the NP-hardness reduction of [2] is available here.


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[2] L. Gualà, S. Leucci, E. Natale, “Bejeweled, Candy Crush and other match-three games are (NP-)hard”, in CIG 2014.

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