A single player game in which trees are arranged in a grid and the player places pairwise non-adjacent tents next to them so that trees and tents can be matched.


Tents is a single player game played on a rectangular grid. Initially, each cell of the grid is either empty or it is occupied by a tree. A hint, i.e., a non-negative integer, is associated with each row and each column of the grid.

The player can place tents into empty cells with the goal of satisfying the following conditions:

The figure shows a solved instance of Tents.

Computational complexity

The problem of deciding whether an instance of Tents admits a solution is NP-Complete [1].

The variant of the problem in which there are no hints (and hence the number of tents in each row/column is unconstrained) is also NP-Complete [1].


Picture by Wikipedia user Tulp8 (CC BY-SA 4.0).

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